A Solid companion app to log your poker games. Easily reflect back on past games and converse about the game with your allies.

Why log your poker games?

Reflecting back on past sessions, opponents, and hands are a great way to improve your game. It helps you rethink your game strategy and evolve as a poker player.

What are the key features of SickHand?

There are five key features..
  • Convenient hand logging
  • Both cash games and tournaments
  • Opponent tracking
  • Sharing data with allies

Convenient hand logging

When sitting at the table, you don't want to spend 5 minutes logging information. And if you're like me you won't remember every details after an 8 hour session. SickHand is fast and super easy to use so you won't miss the next hand.

Cash game and tournaments

I'm mainly a cash game player but I play some tournaments as well. Since the set up and flow are different in tournaments, I made sure it logs relevant details geared toward tournaments.

Opponent Tracking

If you are a regular local cash or tournament player like me, you know you run into the same sharks and donkeys every time. SickHand will give you a way to keep tabs on them, take notes and remember their strengths and weaknesses so when you run into them again, you can look back at their profile and review hands you had with them. It's an easy way to remind yourself what type of player they are, what to watch out for, and what history you have had with them. This has helped me a lot as I have history with many locals.

Live online session viewing

Aside from being a personal poker logger, this is probably the most important feature that has help drive my obsession to create this app.

Have you ever tried to text message a friend about a poker hand? Do you ever do one of these.. "I had Ad As and Seat 3 had KsQc and the flop came Ac Kd 3s.. and then". To me this was super frustrating. As we all know already, in a poker hand there are way too many variables that shape the dynamics of what really happened in a hand. Where was the blind? Who was in the hand? What seat are you in? Is your opponent on your left? What kind of players are at the table? All these details that could be represented easily if your friend was able to watch you playing at the table live. This is what I am trying to recreate. There is an online mode.

When you are in online mode, your friends can become your "allies". Once an ally, you can share your live session with them and they can see everything from table structure, blinds, opponents and the notes you have on them all live as you update the session. This helped dramatically clear so many questions when discussing hands.

Offline mode by default and quick switching

Not everyone wants to be online. And sometimes you may want to go online and share your session. So I made it easy to switch back and forth from being completely private to being able to share your sessions online with your friends. Offline mode is set by defaults so there isn't any need to worry about leaking any data online if you just want to use the app privately.

Public Mode (Beta)

For those of us that are brave enough to share our win or loss online, I also created a feature to switch to public mode. When this is set, you are basically able to broadcast your poker session to everyone online and share your live session.

Bugs, Support, and Questions

If you come across any bugs or have any questions, feature requests, etc. please contact me and I will do my best to help make this app a great tool for your game.

Thank you for your interest!